One Visit Crowns

We offer one appointment crowns.
NO messy impressions!
NO ill-fitting temporary!
NO two week wait time!
Dr. Mulloy is cerec trained to place your tooth-colored crown in only one visit today.
A crown or “cap” is used for many reasons. The most common reason is to protect a weakened or badly decayed tooth from breaking. This is done when there is not enough healthy tooth structure left to withstand biting forces anymore. Other reasons we may recommend a crown are:
  • After a root canal is done to prevent the breaking and potential loss of the tooth.
  • If a tooth has cracks in it or when a tooth becomes very worn down.
  • Aesthetic reasons such as masking discolored or deformed teeth.
  • To replace missing teeth, either with a bridge or dental implant.
It is wise to get a crown before the tooth breaks. Broken teeth can be very painful, may require more extensive procedures, or cannot be saved at all. This ensures the health of your mouth and helps you stay pain-free. Feel free to talk about your options with Dr. Mulloy at your next visit.