Patients of Dr. Melvyn Foley

Dr. Melvyn Foley has been providing dental care to South Milwaukee for the past 44 years. As of May 2013, Dr. Foley retired from dentistry and said a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to his many loyal patients. He has entrusted his practice to Dr. Sarah J. Mulloy. Together, Dr. Foley and Dr. Mulloy have been working for months to make this a smooth transition for you. The location and staff will remain the same. The quality of care you have been given by Dr. Foley will be continued by Dr. Mulloy.

Dr. Foley has prepared a letter for his patients, which can be viewed below.

Dear Patients,


I have decided to retire from my dental practice as of May 18th 2013. I always told you that I would not leave until I found the perfect dentist to provide you with excellent, gentle, and courteous care.  That professional is Dr. Sarah Mulloy.

Dr. Mulloy is a graduate of Marquette University Dental School.  She has been employed in the Mayfair area, but is now excited to have her own private practice and build personal relationships with all of you.  Dr. Mulloy and her husband and child live in Bay View.

When I took over for Dr. Jay Schauer 44 years ago, his patients gave me a chance. I am asking you to give Dr. Mulloy the same opportunity. I have confidence that Dr. Mulloy will not disappoint you.

The current dedicated staff will assist you and Dr. Mulloy with this transition.  Your dental records and treatment plans will remain at 801 Milwaukee Avenue where Dr. Mulloy will continue your care.

All scheduled appointments will remain unchanged.

I will miss all of you and your families.  I have enjoyed sharing conversations about our favorite books, movies, trips, and everyday life.  I have appreciated your trust and confidence in me.   Please know that my relationship with you has been an important part of my life.


All the best,


Dr. Foley